Fast Development...
With, you can build back-end logic signifcantly faster. Furthermore, you can use to learn new technologies because you can map these technologies to your existing conceptual understanding.

Visual Schema
Map how data flows through your system, leveraging simple concepts to yield superior data management.

Use spreadsheet-style formulas to simplify complex business logic.

Better Patterns
Encode you data model with patterns that encapsulate industry-standard best practices, including NoSQL developement patterns.

1Schema Data Model
1Schema Data Model Spreadsheet SQL Database NoSQL Database ----> ----> ---->
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Demo Project Available Actions
Demo: Sales Order Model

Schema for computing results from Sales Orders.
Demo: Friendship Graph Model

Schema for simple social network.
Demo: Loan Payment Model

Schema for computing monthly loan payments.
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... for Any Platform!
With, you can export your database schema and logic to any modern data management platform. exports 100% native code, so you do not need to fear vendor lock-in. Tables, documents, or column families... no need to worry!

Export your model as a workbook of formula-linked cells.

SQL Database
Export your model as tables and stored procedures, where your formula is used in the SELECT and WHERE clauses.

NoSQL Database
Export your model as documents (including nested structure), where cross-document references are cached and updated automatically.